Power Washing

There are a lot of reasons why power washing your business is an important maintenance step. Some people already know what pressure washing is – using high-powered water jets to remove dust, mud, loose paint, grime, algae, and moss from surfaces. However, relatively few of them are aware of this cleaning procedure’s full benefit. From increased durability to more money in your pocket, EMS’ power washing services can help keep your building and property in great shape.

Damage Prevention

You might think that moss climbing across brick is attractive, or that a bit of dirt on vinyl siding is no big deal, but both of these can cause corrosion and lead to damage of:

·       Concrete sealant
·       Paint
·       Surface coatings
·       Wood
·       Vinyl

Power washing makes it easy to clean these less-than-desirable additions to your property and, by extension, prevent damage and costly repairs. The water flow will lift moss, grime, dirt, and other materials from your surfaces.

Money saving

Because it helps prevent damage to surfaces, regular power washing can help save money in repairs and maintenance down the road. The upfront cost of our services is much less than more intricate repairs and restorations, and our professional team provides excellent service.

Improved curb appeal

Yet another benefit of power washing is that it helps improve curb appeal. You might not consider curb appeal when talking about commercial spaces, but you should. People are more likely to return to clean buildings that look well-maintained as opposed to those which are covered in grime. This is important for your parking lots and sidewalks, too, for much the same reason. No one wants to use dirty surfaces.

Types of Power Washing Services

EMS provides our clients with a number of power washing services, including:

·       Concrete floors
·       High-rise exterior walls
·       Exterior building walls
·       Parking lots

Our team provides excellent power washing services on almost any kind of surface you can think of.

Power Washing Equipment

The EMS team of power washing specialists uses only the best commercial-grade equipment to complete our services. We have truck-mounted equipment, portable surface washers and power washers, and extension pole washers.

We understand that your time is money, and we always strive to do a great job the first time. Our quality equipment makes it easier to achieve those goals.

Cost of Power Washing Services

At EMS, we don’t offer a flat rate for our power washing services. Instead, we provide detailed quotes designed with your specific job in mind so that you pay no more and no less than is strictly necessary. Reach out to our team for an estimate!