Post Construction Cleanup

What are the project management procedures?

New constructions are exciting, but it is important to thoroughly clean sites before you start enjoying them. Even if you believe your construction professionals were careful in the tools that they used and the remnants they left behind, you never know what kind of material is hiding.

To ensure that we complete your project satisfactorily, we begin by speaking with you! We want to know about the project, the scope of the project, and information that helps us decide what kind of equipment to bring. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – all we need from you are a couple of answers and some basic information.

Once we have a handle on the project and your expectations, it is time to begin the cleanup process. Our professionals will complete the process, and they will have a de facto project manager with them to ensure that everything goes to plan.

What are the quality control procedures?

Our quality control begins and ends with our experienced teams. When you work with EMS, you can rest assured that you are working with professional cleaners with the knowledge and dedication to do things the right way. We also send one of our most experienced team members with our groups to make sure that someone is always there to keep an eye on quality.

Once we are done cleaning, we take a step back and examine the space. Once we are satisfied with the progress, we’ll communicate with our customers and get their approval.

What are the health and safety procedures?

Our health and safety procedures are in place to ensure our employees and customers remain healthy and happy. We work carefully with machines and tools we are familiar with and only start the job once we understand the materials and debris in question. We also use high-quality PPE every step of the way.

What are the communication procedures?

We want our customers to feel comfortable reaching out to us. To facilitate this kind of exchange, we have a dedicated customer care team to answer questions and escalate complaints or concerns to the team members with the knowledge and ability to address them.

Our team is friendly and professional, and they’re always happy for feedback on their work.