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Hiring a Commercial benefits of a janitorial cleaning serviceJanitorial Service can save you the time and effort of looking for applicants to fulfill these positions internally. It also spares you from the costs of employing in-house custodians. These costs cover salary, retirement plan, medical insurance, and other benefits.

Outsourcing isn’t just meant to avoid employing costs, though. A reliable cleaning company has trained staff, specialized tools, and effective methods. 

These help you achieve the following benefits:

Speed and Efficiency

Which areas or items should you start cleaning in your premises? This is one of the basic questions professional cleaners can answer right away. After all, they’re often sought to provide quick cleanup.

Having the manpower enables service companies to finish the job in less than a day. Aside from that, they have tools like pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and burnishers. They also use cleaning chemicals that aren’t available for individual purchases.

Being systematic speeds up the process as well. For general cleanups, they’ll start with the interior. Inside, they’ll go over the ceiling and walls first. Then, they’ll proceed to the furniture and equipment maintenance. Tidying floors comes next.

Aside from fast service, the staff, tools and methods make cleaning services more efficient. This lessens your need for frequent cleanups.

Fewer Costs in the Long Run

The upfront costs of hiring janitorial service are higher than that of paying the salary of your own janitor. However, you’ll only pay for outsourcing once or a few times each year. As for hiring your own staff, you’re going to pay monthly. The separation pay is another story.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t hire at least one janitor. For major cleanup every few weeks or months, it’s better to depend on a service company.

Their efficiency will help you avoid health emergencies due to poor sanitation. When these happen, you’ll pay for hospital fees, civil damages, fines, and emergency cleaning services. You’re bound to pay more if you neglect cleanliness. Thus, why not spend on quality service right from the start?

Compliance to Regulations

The authorities update regulations on commercial cleanliness every once in a while. If you manage your business directly, you have to know these updates and follow them. The size of your business doesn’t matter.

The problem though is many updates go unnoticed. As for cleaning companies, they have to be familiar with the changes to keep their license.

Sharing of Liabilities

Accidents may happen during cleanups. When you hire a service company, make sure it has insurance and warranty. Always get a service contract as well. Include details on liabilities therein.

You don’t have to worry about accidents if you hire a reputable company. Nevertheless, it’s still better to be sure about not being fully liable for accidents.

To find a reliable company, make a short list of options recommended by peers and online review sites. Next, visit the Better Business Bureau’s website. Enter the name of each cleaning company and see if there are complaints about them.

You can call for janitorial services any day. However, it’s better to schedule it at least a week before. You can also strike a deal with your chosen cleaning company. In your deal, indicate the kinds of services you need and the dates they’re supposed to be given.

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