7 Possible Drawbacks of Improper (or Even Lack of) Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are optional. If you own an establishment, you can hire one or a few janitors. However, it’s not easy to find people who are skilled in various maintenance tasks. The need for cleaning tools is another story.

It’s not like you can skip on maintenance either. You make money from your business. Your employees spend hours in your premises. You have costly equipment inside it as well.

Thus, it’s only fitting to ensure your place is properly maintained. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the following problems:

Stressful Workplace

The workplace can either help or worsen employees’ feeling of stress. It’s a no brainer that a cluttered one will put them in distress. This will lead to poor performance. You will find it hard to keep talents as well.

Bad Impression

Your premises speak a lot on how much you value customer satisfaction and employee safety. Disregarding how your establishment looks means you consider such factors as trivial.

Keep in mind that tidying up your premises is way easier than clearing up a bad rep. A photo posted online can immortalize your business as a filthy one. Your former workers may rant about how dirty your establishment is. This may discourage future applicants.


Improper upkeep can make your equipment more prone to breakdowns. Frequent malfunctions mean disruptions in your operation. This comes with employees getting paid without being able to work. This also means you have to pay for repairs. Worse, you may have to deal with early replacements.

In fast-food chains, a faulty kitchen appliance may extend waiting time for customers. This will likely annoy them. The damages may also result to the next problem:

Health Emergencies

Commercial cleaning services help ensure your tools and workplace are in good condition. If your tools or units are full of dirt or in bad shape, their usage will be at higher risk of accidents. Think of gas range hoods with too much grease. A spark can cause fire and spread easily, thanks to the grease buildup therein.

There are also emergencies coming from improper safety preparations for cleanups. You already know about those accidents involving window cleaners, don’t you?


To keep your licenses, you must follow the sanitation standards set by the authorities. If you don’t, your business will be penalized.

Depending on your area and industry, you may get warnings at first. In some stances, though, you’ll be fined outright. You may even face closure.

Legal Disputes

People affected by your badly maintained establishment may file a case against your business. You may refer to your insurer to cover your liabilities. However, you should know that you have to meet certain conditions first. If your negligence is the root cause of the problem, you may have to pay using your own money.

Repairs, early replacements and settlements are expenses you can avoid. Hiring commercial cleaning services can be considered as such as well. Unlike those expenses though, the said janitorial services are cheaper. These services also lessen your risk of dealing with the abovementioned problems.

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