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EMS Cleaning Services Is A Cleaning Company That Has Been Serving Businesses In Houston And Surrounding Areas, Since 1993. We’re The Cleaning And Maintenance Company You Can Count On To Keep Your Facility In Tip-Top Condition.

Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Service in Houston, TX

Founded more than two decades ago, EMS Cleaning Services is a team of professional cleaners dedicated to serving the Houston area. From office buildings to medical facilities and everything in between, our janitorial experts are ready to clean and disinfect businesses around the city. 

EMS’ commercial cleaning service consists of experienced professionals dedicated to providing a safe environment for our clients as well as their employees. Our work speaks for itself, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with our work.  


None of our work is subcontracted, so we can guarantee you the highest standards in the industry.  Turn to us for tehse facility services.

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We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation of the message and smart incentives.
We use top rated cleaning equipment to clean your office environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. All of our equipment is well maintained and serviced on a regular basis.
EMS Cleaning Services not only provides a top notch quality cleaning service, we also offer the best in eco friendly cleaning solutions as well.
We don’t only focus on exceptional cleaning practices, we also care about our customers and we treat them like family. Our staff is professional and courteous at all times. We are here to serve you and to make sure you are happy with the service we provide each and every time.
We have a large enough staff to cover multiple locations at anytime. We service all of Houston including Sugar Land and other major and minor areas within and toward the parameter of the city as well.
We have experience cleaning large facilities such as schools, multi floor office buildings, hospitals with multiple campuses. No job is too large for us.
EMS Cleaning Services is very experienced in cleaning up sports centers, stadiums and arenas. We provide fast and efficient clean up services in these type of environments. We also do a complete post construction cleanup for new facilities that have ended the build out and are ready for cleanup, as well as cleanup of old buildings that have been gutted and rebuilt and are now ready to be groomed for use.

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Our Superior Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Our leading commercial cleaning and janitorial services have been a constant in the Houston, Texas community for more than 20 years. Our job is to provide your business and office with detailed care encompassing a variety of different tasks:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Restrooms cleaning 
  • Facility and office disinfection
  • Dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Vacuuming

More specifically, EMS offers the following services. 

Customer-centric commercial cleaning services

Customers are the most important part of any business. Our job is to provide the janitorial services our clients need in order to maintain high staff safety. We have built a reputation as a professional cleaner which cares about the people who hire its services, with a flexible schedule to convenient locations and impeccable customer service.
EMS works closely with everyone from business owners to assistants and agents to make sure that surfaces, including glass, are clean and free from dirt and stains, in addition to our more detailed janitorial services. More importantly, our professionals value people over time and provide everyone involved in our projects with detailed information every step of the way.

Commercial building cleaning

We offer more than just office cleaning services. Our professional team has experience cleaning churches, restaurants, stores, and schools, among others. From sinks, urinals, grout, and tile floors to light fixtures, windows, and ceiling fans, we do our job with the highest level of detail possible.

Building and property maintenance

In addition to cleaning up routine messes from daily use, EMS also serves a larger purpose. We help maintain properties and buildings to aid in the maintenance process. And because our team is trustworthy and staffed by professionals, you don't have to be on the property when we clean.

Post-construction cleaning services

In addition to servicing existing buildings, EMS is well-versed in post-construction cleanup. The construction process can leave behind quite a bit of debris and other material, and not all cleaners are able to handle the mess. Our cleaners have the tools and ability to remove rubble, dust, paint spackle, and plaster, among other things. From renovations to new constructions and everything in between, we can help.

Sports venue cleaning

Just like construction remnants, sports venues can create a challenge for some commercial cleaning service providers. EMS has all the experience needed to successfully clean up arenas, stadiums, and sports centers.

Using Us For Your Office Janitorial Services

Working with experienced janitorial services has a number of benefits. Here are some of the reasons you should pick EMS as your Houston cleaner of choice.

Quality equipment

Many people aren't aware of this, but the equipment used when cleaning can make a big difference in the results. This is especially important in the post-COVID era where thorough cleaning is critical to public and employee health in offices and beyond.
When you work with EMS Cleaning Services, you have access to the best tools of the trade on the market. From quality mops, buckets, and rags to more complex equipment and solutions, we can handle everything from removing cobwebs to deep-cleaning toilets.

Professional care

EMS Cleaning Services is staffed by professionals with the utmost respect and courtesy for our clients. Our team understands the difficulties that working with external teams can cause, and we are committed to overcoming them by collaborating closely with you every step of the way. We guarantee our cleaners' respect and consideration of your property.

Saving You Money

Leave the cleaning to us so you can focus on your core business worry-free. Our services make financial sense and impact your bottom line. Reduce or eliminate the following expenses by partnering with us:

Commercial and Janitorial Services
LaborPayroll Expenses - Workers' Compensation, General Liability, FICA
Benefit Packages - Insurance, Vacation, Personal and Sick Days
Hiring/HR issues
Ordering and Stocking Cleaning Chemicals
Buying, Maintaining, and Repairing Cleaning Equipment
Background Checks

Why Choose us?

EMS Cleaning Services mission is to ensure quality service through our attention to detail, outstanding customer service and green practices. We offer a full range of facility services, including:

Daily maintenance
Carpet shampooing and extraction
Day porter
Floor care, including stripping, finishing and burnishing
Window cleaning
Pressure washing
Event Set-up/Planning
Post construction

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

The best commercial cleaning services company comes down to location and professionalism. EMS Cleaning Services is the premiere provider of commercial janitorial services in Houston communities.
Selecting the right janitorial service provider is easy. First, what issues need addressing? And where is your business located? Pick a professional cleaning team experienced with commercial cleaning needs and ask about their experience with the specific areas you need addressed.
EMS Cleaning Services provides expert cleaners with the right tools for the job in Texas. Whether you need help with routine cleanup or are looking for professionals with experience in bigger projects such as sports stadiums and post-construction cleaning, our team is the right choice.
Commercial cleaning services work to the highest standards to meet client expectations. EMS is one of the most experienced teams in the industry, and we have the commercial-grade tools needed to provide a thorough clean.
Anyone with a commercial property in use needs commercial cleaning services. A professional team can help you maintain your property so that staff and visitors have a clean, sanitized area in which to spend time. From the best products to the most experienced team, EMS recognizes our clients' rights to expert care.

Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Houston

Are you looking for professional cleaners with experience in Houston? EMS Cleaning Services has the experience and expertise needed to keep your facility in great shape.

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